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You get the best from the Oliver Brother's here.  With our marketing and promotion experience, you can be assured you're getting twice the effort in getting the highest offer in a reasonable time frame.

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We Will Help You Find Your Dream Home

This is a magical time for you. We understand how emotional it can be and patience and understanding goes a long way.  We won't stop looking for you until you walk through that one front door and your expression says, "This is home!"

We Pay Cash For Your Home

We strive to give the highest cash offers possible. With our offer we will also show you the tax assessed value of the home as well as sold comps. We want to make sure you feel like you have been given the best offer possible.


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Investment Real Estate

Whether this is your retirement plan, your income, or your legacy we take this very seriously. This can be a shady business and we want our clients to know we have their best interests at heart. When you make money we make money. Working with us you will not get someone who is trying to make a quick buck, rather, you will have our combined knowledge and knowhow to make sure you are making the best possible choice for your goals.

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