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Selling your home can be an exciting and nerve racking time.  Emotions get involved and feelings can be hurt.  After all, this is your home.  You love it, you’ve raised your kids in it, or it is your first home and everyone always remembers all the wonderful moments in their first home. So you’ve had your home on the market and it hasn’t sold.  What’s going on?

Well, today is definitely a seller’s market.  Properties don’t last long on the market if it is marketing and prepared appropriately.  So let’s go over a few things.

  1. Pricing right the first time

Again, you love your home and all the memories you’ve created, but to the buyer, it’s all about the numbers.  Sure, your home is special, but your asking price can’t be reflective of your emotions.  Market value is all a buyer is interested in.  “But I just painted the inside!”  That’s excellent, but it can’t be added to the price. It means that your home will sale before the one down the street that doesn’t have fresh paint.

  1. Let’s show off all the space

Storage is very important to buyers, so let’s show them what you got.  You’re planning to move anyway so let’s start packing.  Take your closets and empty them by half.  Show off the space in cabinets, hall and bedroom closets, pantries, etc. Yes, buyers will be snooping and looking so let’s clear out the clutter.

  1. Hide the cute animals

Everyone loves their animals, but that doesn’t mean a potential buyer will.  “ But he’s so cute and loving!” I’m sure he/she is, but a potential buyer may have allergies, fears or only be a dog/cat/reptile kind of person.  So let your agent sell the property, not your pets.

  1. Take your personal things out

The goal is to allow a potential buyer the ability to see themselves living in your home.  This becomes difficult if your home is filled with personal items.  Take down all the family photos and picture frames, family keepsakes and other memorabilia.

  1. Kitchen is the key

You think you’re selling your house, but you’re really selling your kitchen.  That’s right, the kitchen.  Think about it, you’ve entertained in your home, where does everyone always congregate?  Uh huh, the kitchen. It really is the center of any home, and because of this, your kitchen needs to be in tip top shape. If you’re going to upgrade anything prior to selling, it’s the kitchen.  On average, you will get back 85% of the expense you put into it. The fastest, most inexpensive upgrades are painting and new cabinet hardware. Use neutral colors so buyers can envision their personal style.  If you have the money, upgrade to stainless steel appliances.

  1. Lighten up!

Next to location, lighting is key.  The more natural light you can present to the buyers, the more they feel at home.  So let’s take down the curtains, drapes. Open up the blinds, increase the wattage of the light bulbs and trim the bushes covering the windows.  Make it more cheery and less drab.

  1. You were judged before you opened the door

You never get a second chance at a first impression.  Buyers are judging before they get out of the car, so the way your home presents as they pull up in the car is key.  How’s the landscaping?  What about mold and mildew on walkways and roofs? Plant some colorful flowers and have your entranceway greet them with a nice arrangement as well.

  1. Have the right agent

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Everything listed above should have already been presented to you by your agent.  If not, you may want to have a discussion with your agent and go over a few ideas.  Listing your property on the MLS is easy. Finding a buyer and closing is a whole other ballgame.  Make sure you do your homework and make sure your agent does theirs.  When in doubt, The Oliver Brothers are always here help!